My photograph collection:

Creating this Cynderland website template :D

Creating website template for my best friend in:

Leading projects for some big national/multinational company websites, such as:
(just contact me for more details) :)

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10 Responses
  1. kak Cyn, ajarin fotografi dan bikin blog bagus donggggg…..!!!!!! plissss…

  2. cynderlandsays:

    Hehe yuk belajar :) Kamu juga pasti bisa kok Liz :)

  3. ayooo…!!! kapan mau ngajarinnya??????

  4. wah, kalau gitu boleh.. kapan?????

  5. old friendsays:

    Nice to see u playing around with what you like, just feel so different in you seeing you soo happy with your work of art.. Its good you know and I like it so keep your good work and maybe some day you will be a famous photograph… At that time don’t you forget me ※°˚˚˚°<3ók<3°˚˚˚°※… Live is so precious to be filled with nothing so do anything to make your liVe more thean just a part off mr time…
    Be more success and naver forget me your old friend :)

  6. Dear Cynthia,

    bagus banget, gw mesti belajar ama elo nih.


  7. ngatmowsays:

    fotonya keren-keren banget.mohon pencerahan dan bimbingan biar bisa seperti itu dong,,, #sungkem


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